A brief message for our friends at Lancaster Liederkranz…

Why the Hohenzollern Castle?

You probably recognize Hohenzollern Castle from the big wall mural at the Liederkranz. This wonderful old castle rises just outside the town of Hechingen, Germany, in central Baden-Württemberg, about an hour away from Stuttgart and Zuffenhausen. There’s been a castle on this hill since the 11th Century. The original was destroyed in a siege in 1423, and the second one fell into ruins by the 1800s. Construction of the modern castle was begun in 1850 and completed in 1867.

The castle is the private property of the two branches of the House of Hohenzollern. (Whenever Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and his family  stay at the castle, the Prussian flag flies over it.) It gets over 350,000 visitors per year. making it one of the most visited castles in Germany. It’s always been a traditional stop whenever the Wanner family goes back to the old country, where my mother grew up.  Her wedding reception was hosted inside the castle.

I can remember being 10 years old and sitting on the cannons and being photographed by my parents. I photographed my children in the same spot. Hechingen is the home town of most all my relatives, and this Burg’s ambiance is part of the daily “life talk” in this small town. It’s visible, its obscured, it’s beautiful at night, or after a snowfall, simply “Herrlich.”

This is a wonderful area of Germany with many opportunities for hiking and sightseeing. My Uncle Eugen and his son Frank still operate Metzergei Huber at Marktplatz 5, Hechingen. I have assisted Porsche tourist delivery customers with their travels when visiting this region and am happy to do the same for you if interested.

What’s your favorite part of Germany? Let me know the next time you see me at the Liederkranz, or stop around the dealership and we’ll trade stories.


Tom Wanner
Dealer Principal / General Manager
Autohaus Lancaster Inc.