Want to sell your Porsche? We’ll buy it!

Want to sell your Porsche?
Autohaus Lancaster will buy it.

Are you starting to get the itch to sell your current Porsche? Maybe trade a coupe for a convertible, or vice versa? Why not? The time has never been better. Porsche values are at all-time highs, and yours is probably worth more than you think. Owners of classic 911 s, for instance, may be able to trade for a new 718 Boxster or Cayman, with all the amenities, comforts, reliability and technological upgrades that entails, and walk away with extra cash in pocket.

Private-party sales mean inviting strangers to your home, or going to theirs with your Porsche, letting drivers of unknown skill take your Porsche for a test spin, and then wasting time with bargain-hunters seeking to take advantage of you. If you would like to sell your Porsche, simply and quickly, and get proper value for it, our dedicated customer service team will do the work for you.

Email Porsche Sales Manager Chad Block
to schedule an appointment about selling your Porsche.