The Dream Sale

It’s 4am. I’m awake now and I can’t go back to sleep. I’m already busy thinking about what my day has in store for me. I wonder what new clients I will speak with, how I can better present our inventory, and how I can improve.

Then I have a realization. One that I’ve had before but not with this much clarity. Maybe I’m still delirious due to the time….4am. But my epiphany is clear. Porsche isn’t just a brand. It’s not just a vehicle. Its not a commodity. I don’t care what people say..’it’s different.

Porsche is so much more. It’s Passion. It’s Excitement. It’s Racing Heritage. It’s non-compromising. But most of all, it’s a Dream.

It’s THE Dream—of young and old. It’s the drawing on cocktail napkins. It’s the sketch on a notepad during class. It’s the reason I was distracted in class. It’s why I got an 88% instead of a 95%. It was the cause of my daydreaming, and it STILL is. You know what I mean. You can relate or you wouldn’t be here. You wouldn’t be reading this.

Porsche. It’s where people go when they want something they can’t get somewhere else. It’s something everyone wants but no one actually needs. It’s what takes them to a place where they can’t otherwise go and is also the destination even when they get there.

It’s as if you are walking up to the airport gate. Down the jet way is your transportation to take you where your dreams beckon. And I am your agent at the gate.

I am the one that can help get you there. I can help you achieve that dream. It’s not my job. It’s not my occupation. It’s my Honor. My mission.

Let your financial advisor have your IRA’s and your 401Ks. Let your real estate agent “sell” you your home at the beach. It’s wood and fiber. They can have your emotionless accounts, your open floor plan. That doesn’t interest me. What I provide is the ultimate reward, the ultimate endless landscape.

I am different. I am here to help you make your lifetime of hard work and achievement a reality. I am the one to send you away to a place where you experience excitement of both sight, sound, and emotion. A place that is always an adventure, an escape, and it’s always ready for more.

If I do my job there is no talk of discounts, or deals, or “Sharpening my pencil.” There is only a smile, an understanding, an appreciation, a bond…trust.

If I do my job you will be handed a key and you will walk down the jet-way to fly away to your dream destination, with a turn of your left wrist and a stab of the accelerator. You are the pilot. You fly where your Dreams desire.

If I do my job you’ll be back. Maybe not next week, maybe not next year, but you will be back. For the next amazing experience, the next amazing dream. And I can’t wait to help you get there. No matter the destination the dream is the same: PORSCHE.

I am Chad Block, Porsche Sales Manager, and I sell Dreams. I am ready to help you with yours.